Greg L (USA) "Thank you for producing an excellent product.the amp. it has replaced Mt. Blanc model E12.The sound has more spatially - the music I listen too repeatedly is Koan Sound and your amp. has improved the experience. THANK YOU . Greg."

Paul M (NZ) " The sound is simply gorgeous.  Highlights from this morning were Queen's Radio Gaga. Really responds well to the warmth. and Dire Straights Latest Trick. Lorde Royals was pretty awesome as well. Currently listening to Ed Sheeran and I feel it is going to stop me getting on with things I need to do. "

Collin (Switzerland) " I'm really loving the sound of my new amp! "

Birger (Germany) "The Valve Amp with DAC is a wonderful product with a very special sound"

Cedric B (NZ) " I'm one of the lucky ones who has gotten to test a DAC unit, and I am absolutely blown away by how it sounds. 
I've always enjoyed listening to music, but I never thought it could actually sound this good. I'm noticing subtleties in songs I've never noticed before, and the clarity is phenomenal. It's just like being in the studio with the musicians."

Chris S (USA) "Got mine today in Maryland. The sound is absolutely amazing, I simply have no words..."

A van der Weiden (Holland) "Received this morning in Holland!
Great sound!! Very happy! Listening as we speak (type)!"

Gary E (Canada) "Awesome. I finally got my amp this morning. The sound is fantastic."

Neil (Switzerland) "Excellent sound, great work."

Jason B  (UK)  "Received mine in the UK on Friday (19th) and am listening to some of my favourite music as I write this.Even familiar music sounds fresh and rich and the amp looks great too!"

Rich S (California, USA)  "Got my amp today and am so pleasantly surprised at how great it is. Warm, detailed, rich. Everything you'd want."

Gursharan G (Victoria, Australia) "Fantastic sound and very mellow presentation overall. Female vocals are brilliant.Even the M100 sounds very sweet and musical. Cant stop listening."

John E (Ashford, UK) "Got my Amp yesterday in the UK. A fantastic product. Not only beautiful looking but has a sumptuous sound with it. The gorgeous orange glow as you're using it - fantastic :)"

M Cogan (Canada) ") I have to write to you to compliment you on your hybrid valve amp for headphones, which I recently purchased from The Tube Store in Canada.  I have previously owned two other headphone amps, as well as a hybrid pre-amp, a pre-amp that can drive speakers as well as headphones.  So I am not unacquainted with the sonic improvements these amps can bring. I am also a demanding  listener, who listens to—and loves to hear the detail in—a broad arrary of musical genres. I was happy with each of those tube-enhanced amps. Each was an advance over its predeccessors; each showed me new improvements in the listening experience.  But your amp is far and away the best tube-enhanced amp I have ever listened to. Every aspect of sound is improved.  No noise is introduced into the system ; no distortion into any instrument. But as music generally eludes our attempts to capture it in discursive speech, so do the musical effects of this amp elude our talk about it.  It brings the music for us to hear in a new way like we have never heard it.  It is simply there for us to hear: more limpid, more present, more musical than before."