Old and new technology side by side - once you hear the difference your never go back to your old headphone amp
Walk into the lounge of many keen Audio Enthusiasts and you'll see a Valve Amplifier at the heart of their system. Why? Because the old fashioned Valve Amplifiers gave the best sound. So what if there was a pocket size Valve Amp that would give us bavk the rich audio quality our musicd players and smart phones so badly lack?

The X1 Hybrid Valve Amplifier gives is back the warm rich quality sound that was lost when transistors took over from Valves. Plug it between your phone or MP3 player and your headphones. Your music now passes through real glass tube valves resulting in vastly improved sound quality. It will also boost the volume so you'll now have enoigh power to drive the most demanding headphones. 

Although the sound is big, the amplifier is small- about the profile of an iPhone 4, and smaller than many smart phones. Will a long life lithium battery you will be able to listen to your favorite music for hours on the go. Plug into your computer with the optional inbuilt DAC and by pass your sound card for the best high resolution music you'll ever hear (32bit/384kHz)

Made by US defence contractor Raytheon, the 6418 valves used in the X1 were originally used in the guidance system of the Tomahawk Missiles. These military spec valves were impervious to the effects of nuclear radiation. We use these exact same valves in all our amplifiers. Made by Ratheon in 1984, unpackaged and unused until now. You'll also find these valves in some of the best studio microphones such as the Audi Technica AT3060.

Quality Components

The X1 enclosure is CNC milled from solid aluminium. 2mm aluminium front and back plates joined with stainless steel fasteners gives the X1 a beautifully rugged feel. The circuit board uses extra thick 2 ounce copper tracks for better conduction. Metal film resistors and low ESR capacitors keep the electronics very low noise. 
Precision made aluminium enclosure
Laser engraved anodized aluminium

  • Raytheon 6418 valves, Military spec
  • Burr Brown series OPA2134 opamp
  • Saviaudio SA9227 master DAC, Phillips PCM5102 slave DAC. DSD64/DSD128. OCM 32bit/384kHz
  • Metal film resistors
  • 2 Ounce copper tracks.
  • Low ESR capacitors
  • LiPo battery 1800mA
  • Separate LED status for low battery, charging and charged.
  • Ultra low distortion <0.00008%
  • Output impedance 0.26 Ohms
  • Drives headphones 4-600 Ohms
  • 750mW output
  • Dimensions 105mm(H) x 60mm(W) x 14mm(D)
  • Weight 152g (5.3 Ounces)
X1 Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier. Made for discerning music lovers who deserve the best.