Small on Size, Huge on features

An integrated Amplifier packed with features. From it's stunningly good looks to it's unrivalled sound, the Xi-9 deserves more than a second glance. Three years in the making, this 100 Watt hybrid valve amplifier is a show piece. The enlcosure is milled from a solid 1 inch thick billet of aluminium and a clear top displays impecably designed electronics and glowing valves. 


50 Watts per channel, class D speaker amplifier

Valve stage delivers warm, rich sounding music

2 x Headphone amplifiers each with their own volume control

Phono preamp with passive RIAA Equalization

Built in DAC, 32bit/ 384kHZ resolution

Bluetooth - play straight from your phone

Line output for active speakers or Subwoofer

Analog input 

Line output for active speakers or Subwoofer

Valve Stage
All inputs including the DAC, Bluetooth, Vinyl and analog pass though the valves. Don't be foolled by the size of the valves- they work just as well as full sized tubes. These have a rich history in Space Flight and Rocketry. Made by American defense contractor Raytheon in the 1970's, these exact valves were used in the guidance computer of theTomahawk missiles due to their ability to withstand nuclear EMP. The Raytehon 6418 valves were also by Nasa for the Apollo's guidance computers. These valves are 'NOS' or 'New Old Stock' and we have the world's largest stockpile. Our inventory has "Defense Dept" and "Made in 1984" printed on the labels. 

Headphone Stages
We've taken the winning headphone design from the our portable valve amplifier and given the Xi-9 two separate headphone stages so two people can listen at the same time. In addition the valve stage adds depth and separation. Thanks to the inervative 'active volume control' these headophone stages are super quiet, giving a backgound often described as 'black'. You don't need to connect speakers if you don't want to- the Xi-9 is a formidable headphone amplifer. 

Phono Stage
Following the current resurgence of vinyl we've added a phono stage with passive RIAA equalization. Having had so much success with our heaphone stage we've used the same chipset. Never before have there been so many features packed into table top amplifier. 

DAC Input
No integrated amplifier would be complete without a way of playing Hi Res music. Plug in your USB cable and play PCM and DSD128 music files straight from your PC or Mac. 


Line Output
Two RCA connectors provide the ability to connect to active monitor speakers or a subwoofer. The line out first passes through the Raytheon valve stage and the level is also linked to the main volume control knob.

Design Philosopy
It was clear from our very first prototype this amplifier was going to be something special. Our ears and those borrowed for members of the design team were impressed with just how well the valve stage and the Class D output stage came together to produce such a rich,  pleasing sound.  With this in mind we went 'all out' to make sure the rest of the design was as good. We've used 2 ounce copper circuit board for extra thick tracks, thin film resistors and low ESR capacitors. From the knobs to the feet, all hardware has been special designed and custom made for the Xi9. A solid one inch thick block of aluminium has been carefully crafted into an enclosure which is earthed to the main circuit board with milled stand offs so to prevent grounding currents producing noise. The semiconductor heasinks are part of the aluminium enclosure to make this a very cool running amplifier. 

  • Power 50W per channel @4 Ohms, 30Watts per channel @8 Ohms
  • Sort circuit and open circuit protection. Themal overload protection. 
  • THD @ 25 Watts 0.1%
  • SNR 102 dB
  • 90% efficiency
Recommened speaker load 4- 8 Ohms

Headphones Output
  • Two independant headphone amplifiers each with their own volume control
  • Based upon the award winning Burr Brown series OPA2134 
  • Power output 700mW into 8 Ohm load, 100mW into 300 Ohm load
  • Ultra low distortion 0.00008%
  • Low noise 8nV/Hz(square root)
  • Slew rate 20V/us
  • True FET input​
Phono Input
  • Cartridge type: moving magnet
  • RIAA passive equalization
  • Catridge loading 100pF. 47k Ohms
  • Recommended drive voltage from cartridge 3-12mV
​DAC Input
  • Saviaudio SA9227 Master DAC
  • DSD64/DSD128
  • PCM 32bit/ 384kHz
  • Jitter-less output 
Bluetooth Input
  • Bluetooth Class 2.0
  • Receiver sensitivity better than -82dBm
  • Power supply to BT separated from the rest of the amplifier by DC/DC converter for extra low noise operation